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A+ Schools in Action

This video, produced by A+ Schools of North Carolina, is an extraordinary inside look at how the A+ Essentials impact students, teachers, parents, and principals.   See the enthusiasm of the students, hear engaging conversations in the classroom, and learn how arts-based, whole-school education reform can create meaningful teaching and learning environments.

A+ Schools: A Life Changing Experience

This video, created to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of A+ Schools, shares the impact of A+ on teachers, students and administrators. Hear the personal stories of a Principal who because of A+, became a sculptor; of A+ school alumni whose careers are directly related to their A+ experience and of an A+ teacher whose family was inspired through A+ experience.  This video celebrates the legacy of A+ as a life changing experience!

TEDx: Jacques Rodrigue Discusses Louisiana A+ Schools

Louisiana A+ Schools is a program of the George Rodrigue Foundation of the Arts (GRFA).  Jacques Rodrigue, son of famed Blue Dog artist George Rodrigue, bypassed a career in law to work to help Louisiana education through arts-integration. Jacques traces his father's artistic history in order to draw parallels between his own career path and how we have to prepare our students for a life full of unknown opportunities.

President Bill Clinton Mentions A+ Schools on C-SPAN

​Former President Bill Clinton and Bill Gates were interviewed by Tamron Hall about debt, taxes, health care costs, immigration, and education. 


President Clinton cites A+ Schools as a group successfully graduating K-12 students. ​National A+ Schools Consortium (NASC) supports the development of creative schools by collaborating and actively guiding the members of the A+ Schools networks in North Carolina, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana.


"Shaping America's Future" Major Trends, New Ideas, and Big Decisions" was part of the Peterson Foundation "2013 Fiscal Summit: Facing the Future."


Recorded on May 7, 2013

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